Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~Aristotle
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~Aristotle

About Me

Hi, there! I'm Sarah. This is where I get to introduce myself a bit. I was born and raised in Oregon and still live there today with my husband, Derek Miller. Even with its rain, it still is my definition of home. I got my BA in Secondary Education with an English/Language Arts endorsement for Middle and High Levels. Then a few years later, I got my MS in Education Curriculum and Instruction.


Between my BA and my MS, my husband and I spent two years teaching abroad. We spent one year teaching English in Ulsan, South Korea then headed to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to teach Language Arts for a year. All in all we have travelled to eight different countries together and have many more to visit in our future. After coming back from traveling, I pursued my Masters full time while working as a substitute teacher. I gained experience through subbing I never would have imagined I would get (see my article on it under the publications tab).



My husband is my rock and supports me in all of my many interests plus my ambitious career in education. We have a dog and a cat, and love speding our time with friends and family as well as enjoying the variety of outdoors Oregon has to offer. I am certain he will be mentioned in many of my blog posts as he plays an active role in helping me surive full time teaching. 



I am currently working at a high school teaching freshman and sophomore ELA, and I couldn't be happier. High school is my preferred the only level I love teaching. Subbing gave me enough experience with the munchkins to know that I would rather pull green chain (OR logging joke) than try to survive their onslaught of germs everyday. And middle schoolers are down right frightening. 


If you meet me in person, like most people, you might be surprised when I say I teach high school. It seems that many outside of the education world view high schoolers as generally foreign creatures that need to be given a wide birth. They find it hard to believe that a soft-spoken, oftentimes shy, woman would tackle the challenge of spending an entire day around young adults when instead she would be more comfortable with the "cute" little kiddos (I'd like to put that stereotype down). Working with young adults is my passion. I love watching them find themselves and recognize the huge gains and accomplishments they can make. I love getting to be a mentor as well as an English teacher. And most of all, I love watching them graduate and head off on the next part of their lives wherever that may be. 

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